Cedar, Sage & Ylang Ylang Calming Natural Candle

£25.00 GBP

Our signature Ubiety candle fragrance has been carefully blended to transport you to serene woodlands. A soothing blend of essential oils including earthy cedar wood, fresh and floral ylang ylang, spearmint and sage, chosen to promote calm and relaxation. 

Made with cotton wicks, 100% natural plant wax and essential oils delivery excellent scent throw and a clean burn. 

The dubiety candles are hand poured and use a unique blend of rapeseed and soy bean wax, from renewable and sustainable sources. 


Plant based formulations made in England, Ubiety uses essential oils, vegan and environmentally friendly ingredients and comes in simple glass packaging. 


Burn time - 40hrs

100% Vegan

With all of Ubiety's profits going to Dorothy House Hospice Care, every purchase is an act of kindness-to you, to others, to the environment. 

Feel Good, Do Good.