Getting lost in a good book...

Getting lost in a good book...

Many a time I have found myself lost inside a good book, and I have come to discover that where I read can really impact the way I feel. Do you have a favourite place to read? Could it be made better with a few homely touches?

Over the years I have built many a reading nook for clients, and I love exploring more and more ways of adapting this space. One of my favourites was in a Children’s playroom where we created a circular space built into the wall, padded in bright fabric. It really allowed the Children’s imagination to run away with them, and I hope became a favourite spot for them to sit and read.

More than ever it is important that we remember what books do for young minds (well old minds as well!), and that in turn should push us to consider where we like to read.

There are so many opportunities in the home to create reading spaces, no matter how little or big. Under stair spaces are perfect examples, and we can still be clever by using the base of the seat area for storage purposes. Adding in wall mounted shelves means you can also display the books here as well. It doesn’t have to be an under-stair space; an unused corner can prove just as cosy. By using floor cushions and wall mounted shelves you can avoid having something purpose built, but if the budget stretches, a well-designed seating nook can really add interest to an unloved space.

If you think you only have room for a reading chair in the corner of the room, be creative and imagine a chair hanging from the ceiling, but don’t forget to think about structural supports for this one!

Of course, don’t forget the classic window seat, the perfect spot for relaxing with a book at the end of the day. You don’t have to have a bay window to create one either, a straight window would need framing with tall shelving either side and then bring the seat below and under the window.

Wherever you like to read, give the space the love and care it deserves, after all it gives you that precious moment of peace and quiet.