The Art of The Picture Wall

The Art of The Picture Wall

Some might say that picture walls have been around for ages, well yes, they have been around a while now but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are “old hat”. One thing I have learnt as a designer is that interior design concepts are ever changing, and I can safely say that there is so much fun to be had when creating your own picture wall.

The most common questions I get asked are, do the frames have to match? Do the frames all have to be the same size? Do the pictures have to have the same theme? Well in answer to most of these the answer is no, there are no strict rules in design and one thing that is clear is that although we can guide you to a beautiful home there are some things that just come down to personal taste/style.

However, having said all this to create a “styled’ look there are a few things I would suggest. If you’re going for matching frames in size and finish then make sure the pictures follow a matching theme, i.e. black and white family portraits or coloured landscape schemes. If you’re planning on using a mixture of frames in size and style, then try to stick to either modern or traditional and play around with colours more.

Another thing to consider is how to hang the picture wall, it’s a great idea if using different size frames to use brown paper templates and tape them to the wall to see how it maps out first.

Other creative ideas include picture rails and simply propping up the frames, or maybe try using visible hooks to hang the frames and even overlap them for another dimension.

Whatever you decide, make it a reflection of you and your home and I promise it won’t just be a picture wall but a story of who you are.