Outdoors Is The New Indoors

Outdoors Is The New Indoors

Our job title is something that is there to label what we do, as an Interior Designer this couldn’t be further from the truth. We have come to evolve the concept of Interior Designer and push ourselves further afield. I have often been asked for advice on all areas of Design, including the foundation stage of a building, the front exterior, windows and more and more often the outdoor space.

You may wonder is this not the job of a landscape gardener, well yes in fact it is, however outdoor spaces have evolved so much they really are the new indoors.

The idea is to push past the norm and not think is that really suitable for the garden but rather what can I do to the garden to make it an extension of my home. If like me you love the warmer weather and this week, we have had the joys of a good old heatwave, then you really need to surround yourself with outdoor joy.

Here’s how to start, first is lighting, don’t underestimate what good creative lighting in the garden can do to a space, it can turn what was once a dark unused corner of the garden to a secret private sanctuary. Focus on globe string lights, they are soft yet large enough to give off a good bit of light. Second is fabric and texture, what was once an old bench seat or a thrown-out pallet, with the right cushions can become a bohemian retreat. Or how about an outdoor rug to break up the all too common paving slabs and decking boards.

Finally remember that it’s how the garden makes you feel, you want to feel the garden loves you as much as you love it.

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