Covid-19 - The highs and the lows

Covid-19 - The highs and the lows

Our lovely shop had to shut its doors for the first time since opening and to say it was a sad day for all of us was an understatement. You see here at Joal Interiors we are more like a family and we pride ourselves on quickly building strong relationships with our customers.

The arrival of Covid-19 was a shock to us all and as a small business our future rested in the balance of hard work and determination from our lovely bosses and co-owners of Joal Interiors.

For some people the idea of being told they cannot go to work whilst still being paid 80% of their salary is a dream come true where-as here at Joal we are missing our colleagues, our customers and above all our love of the job.

Although it hasn’t been easy, each with their own set of challenges during this lockdown period, I think we will always look back on this time with fond memories. Some for the time to sit with their partners or children and really listen, others for the long walks we never knew existed and most of all the time to really appreciate what makes us who we are.

Let’s make this time count and come back stronger and better than ever, we can’t wait to open our doors again.

Joals Interiors is an interior design shop based in Dorridge near Solihull.